TideWater Landscape Management

"Have you ever passed through a neighborhood and noticed a well-kept home?  Do you see the lines running up and down the freshly mowed lawn,  or the uniformity of the tightly maintained shrubs?  Do you observe the balance of the landscape design as it surrounds the home?  Can you smell the sweet grass and feel the texture of the lawn between your fingers?   I do and I love it.  This is how I have felt each and every time I have finished a customer’s lawn since I was nine years old." – Eddie DeLoach

Business success today isn’t just about products and services. It’s about creating extraordinary experiences—for your customers, your employees, your vendors. Part of that experience is what people see and how they feel when they come to your door.

That’s where we come in.

TideWater is a physical environment management company. Since 1984 we’ve helped countless companies manage, enhance and grow their physical environment, making it a valuable part of the experience they deliver every day.

We offer the following:
Full Grounds Management
Ornamental Options
Pine Straw and Mulch
Turf Management
Plant Management