"Gro- Masters is a key ingredient to the success of the overall landscaping architecture at the campus of Memorial Health University Medical Center. We utilize Gro-Masters for the fertilization, insect/fungus and weed control on our lawns and shrubs. Their staff is always courteous and act in a professional manner." - Management, Memorial Health University Medical Center

"I have a very high level of satisfaction for Gro-Masters. Gro-Masters is very responsive. Not only do they do an excellent job with the annual program, they are quick to respond to unique situations such as fungus or other grass problems outside of the normal applications. In all, Gro-Masters is a company with a great atmosphere of concern, interest, and response to questions about growing a lawn. Anytime my friends are in need of a lawn care service, I recommend Gro-Masters." -Dick Miller, Savannah, Georgia

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