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Savannah, Charleston and The Low Country trust Gro-Masters to prevent unwanted vegetation in industrial and commercial properties.  Vegetation specialists at Gro-Masters are specifically trained, licensed and insured in the use of industrial strength herbicides and treatments.  

Industrial weed control and vegetation treatments include specialized services designed to prevent the following:

  • Fires caused by unwanted vegetation
  • Vegetation overgrowth that can provide hiding places for intruders
  • Overgrowth of weeds, shrubs, and grasses that can become habitat for noxious animals
  • Environmental erosion caused by wind and rain on berms and other important land structures
  • Unnecessary costs for mowing events to control vegetation around highways

Herbicide Treatments to Eliminate Fire Hazards

Gro-Masters has specialized training to understand and apply herbicides to protect properties where plant growth can pose a fire risk.   Sparks from contact of metal on metal or other sources can spark fires that threaten commerce and communities. Gro-Masters is trusted by some of the largest and most important facilities in our region to eliminate the growth of vegetation,that can pose fire risks.

Vegetation Management to Clear Visual Obstructions

Tall grass and weeds along fence lines are a security risk. Gro-Masters applies the treatments necessary to eliminate plants which could become visual obstructions.  Regular applications throughout the year keep properties safe by preventing these plants from growing and from returning.

Grass Growth Promotion and Protection to Prevent Erosion

The right kind of vegetation can protect land embankments from wear by rain and moisture.  Berms and similar industrial structures will wear down if there is no plant growth. They will be similarly damaged if the wrong plants or trees are allowed to germinate.  Gro-Masters landscape treatment professionals are trained and licensed to use the right applications for these important structures. Fertilizer treatments protect grasses which maintain structural integrity.  Carefully chosen herbicides eliminate unwanted growth that can threaten structural integrity.

Highway Vegetation Control

Treatments from Gro-Masters save money on mowing episodes and promotes the growth of desirable grasses.  Proper applications of growth regulators and herbicides can reduce the rate at which desirable plants grow and eliminate growth of unwanted and unsightly weeds.  Gro-Masters is trusted by state and local governments in Georgia and South Carolina to make roadway vegetation cleaner and more controlled at a lower cost thank mowing alone.

"... your organization yielded tremendous results, reducing our overall mowing frequency lowering our overhead budget. Your team was extremely professional adhering to all safety roadside requirements and most importantly communicated very effectively between myself & your tech team.  I would like to personally commend your entire staff in your outstanding performance and would like to continue your services by extending our contract to you for the 2015 growing season. It is truly a pleasure interacting with you and your entire staff."


Rosco Philbrick
Deputy City Marshal
Public Works / Water Resources Bureau


TideWater Landscape Management

1329 Heidt Avenue Savannah, GA 314148