What a Dirty Parking Lot Says About Your Business

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It's easy to overlook the importance of keeping a parking lot clean. Business owners tend to focus on the store-front and the inside of the building, even on the landscaping, but the parking lot is often forgotten. It's just a big slab of concrete that takes care of itself right? Wrong! Not only does debris blow into the parking lot from trees and off the streets or highway, but people will often drop or throw trash out of their cars without much concern. If you are not careful, a parking lot can become dirty very quickly.

Why Keeping It Clean is So Important

First impressions are lasting. In the landscape industry we say that a well-tended outside area has curb appeal. When a person drives by your building, or just quickly stops, they are often making a split-second decision as to whether or not to give you their business. Although a customer may not notice if your parking lot is clean, they will notice if it is dirty! If the parking lot is full of garbage or debris and looks uncared for, the potential customer will see this and it will have an effect on their opinion. A clean parking lot speaks volumes about the standards of a business and indicates that a business is concerned about customer satisfaction.


A dirty parking can actually be a security issue for your business. If a parking lot is full of garbage, it indicates to criminals that no one is paying attention and that the business is an easy target. It's an interesting part of human psychology; if we see something untended we simply pay less attention to it. So if your lot is dirty, people will also be less likely to notice a criminal prowling around. On that note, police and neighboring businesses are more likely to care about the security of your building if you are keeping things clean and maintaining a high standard that reflects well on the area.

It’s Easy

Even if your parking lot is subject to a lot of traffic, or a lot of trash blows in, keeping it clean does not need to be difficult. Provide trash bins and ashtrays to deter people from just throwing things to the curb. A professional landscape company can make light work of coming through on a regular schedule and blowing out, as well as picking up, garbage.

Employees can spend just a few minutes putting on some gloves and doing a quick pick up around the parking lot. They may actually find parking lot clean-up to be enjoyable part of their day, as it gets them outside and changes up their routine. Whatever the method, taking the steps to keep your parking lot will make a big difference.


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Lynn Tootle

Written by Lynn Tootle

K. Lynn Tootle is the General Manager of GroMasters Inc., a division of TideWater Landscape Management Inc. Lynn is a certified arborist and turf grass professional, a past president of the Coastal Landscape and Turf Professional Association and a graduate of the Urban Ag Leadership program. He graduated from Clemson University in 1999 with a BS in Wildlife Biology and a minor in Forest Resources.

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