Oak Wilt: A Silent Killer

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Most often when we hear about dangerous contagious diseases, we think of the flu, colds, strep throat and other warm blooded afflictions. What many of us don’t often consider is that disease is not limited to the animal kingdom. Some of the most dangerous diseases in the world specifically attack organisms that aren’t warm or cold blooded but rather plants.

Oak wilt, first identified in 1944, is threatening only to trees (particularly different types of oak). This disease also indirectly affects humans and other animals as much of our ecosystem and agricultural economy depends on these beautiful, deciduous trees remaining healthy.

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The Five Percent Rule

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New and Improved

Whether it’s the latest model F150, next generation iPhone or newest fusion restaurant opening in town, most people like new. Landscapers are no exception - we enjoy learning about and working with the latest plant varieties as it can set apart our work from the competitors whose list of options for perennials extend no further than Yellow Flag Iris, Lilyturf and Black-Eyed Susans. In addition, it is often our customers that are demanding the latest and greatest ornamentals showcased on HGTV and want their property to be the jewel of the neighborhood.

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