Safety is Paramount

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At TideWater, safety is our first priority.  Each and every day we take extra care to protect our people, our customers, and anyone we may meet along the way.  We follow OSHA standards, certify our technicians, maintain a drug free workplace, and have regular safety seminars.  We believe in safety!  Each day our drivers leave our office they are reminded that our trucks are a cell phone free zone.  We support Georgia's Hands free law!  We are happy to say we have had 447 days without a lost time accident.  Let's keep up the good work.
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3 Landscape Design Ideas that Will Make a Strip Mall More Inviting

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Strip Mall.jpg

Strip malls can be a challenge to property managers looking for a design that is inviting. The square buildings, parking lots and sidewalks can cause strip malls to all look the same. Without an eye-catching landscape, a strip mall will either be overlooked or be seen as simply a place to get in and out of as quickly as possible. A few simple landscape design ideas can be effective in making a strip mall a more appealing place to spend those precious hours in the day. Below are three landscape design ideas that will make a strip mall into a more inviting place to be.

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