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America's Hostess City is always beautiful, but what makes her really sparkle?  What do you love more? Her classic Southern charm? The cutting edge of her trend setting art and design students and faculty?  Let's hear what you think in the comments below.

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What Would Savannah Look Like All Decked Out for Christmas?

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St. Patrick's Day in Savannah Rocks!
But is Christmas kind of, "Meh"?

Savannah is an awesome tourist destination.  You can't beat Savannah for St. Patrick's day and New Years on Bay Street is pretty rockin'.  But let's face it folks, our Christmas could use a face lift.  Savannah can't be beat when it comes to Southern charm and beauty, but we could do more to make our city shine at Christmas.  TideWater worked together with Derek Norwood from Artistic Holiday Designs to create these amazing images of what Savannah could look like with really first class holiday decor.  Enjoy and please share:

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If You Don't Do This Your Christmas Decorations Will Probably Break :(

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10 Things We Learned From Decorating the Savannah Ronald McDonald House

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If you feel that you are in this world to give and to serve, then every day is a dream come true.  A recent trip to the Savannah Ronald McDonald House brought this message home for me.  There is sickness and sadness and it is so heartbreaking to see it affect these innocent children.  But there is also so much warmth, love and generosity and that is what the Savannah Ronald McDonald House is about.  

Click Here to See More Pictures of the Decorated Ronald McDonald House

Our new relationship with the Savannah Ronald McDonald House is one of the most wonderful side benefits of our upcoming Miracle on Bay Street party and our new Christmas decorating service.   The Ronald McDonald House Charities began about 40 years ago when Philadelphia Eagle's tight end Fred Hill gathered the support needed to start the first Ronald McDonald House after his 3-year old daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia. There are now close to 300 Ronald McDonald Houses worldwide.  Each one operates as an independent 501(c)(3) community organization.  That means that every community that is fortunate enough to have one of these remarkable places has the opportunity and the responsibility to support and maintain it.  

The Ronald McDonald House is a place where families with sick children can live while their child is getting treatment at area hospitals.  

From the Savannah Ronald McDonald House Mission Page:

The House provides a warm, home-like atmosphere where families can sleep, eat, watch TV or just relax and most importantly spend time with each other and with other families in similar situations.  Each family stays in a private bedroom and is asked to make a donation of $10.00 per night (the donation rate is only about 21%).  It is purely voluntary and no one is ever turned away if they are unable to make a donation.  Since the House first opened its doors in 1987, over 8,700 families have been served.  The house currently serves approximately 250 families each year.  Although the average length of stay runs 16 days, some families stay much longer. 

I feel so fortunate to have learned how this incredible organization runs and hope that everyone who reads this will do something to help support this important Savannah charity.

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Some of Our Favorite Pictures from The Savannah Ronald McDonald House

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I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to touch the lives of the people involved in the Coastal Empire Ronald McDonald House.  Please enjoy these images. 


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12 of Our Favorite Christmas Displays

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How much planning does it take to make an eye catching holiday display window? I'm not really sure, but why not learn from 150 years of the best?

When the holiday shopping season kicks off, retailers want to give people a reason to visit their department stores or retail shopping centers. A memorable holiday display or storefront is an excellent way to do just that, as these renowned retailers know. What started decades ago has now become an annual tradition for both the retailers and their customers, and many a holiday decorating service has been inspired by these locations. Here are some iconic Christmas displays that have been drawing visitors in for years:

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Summer, Savannah, Santa Claus? - Holiday Decorating Help For Commercial Property Managers

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Christmas promotions are starting earlier each year.  This is not surprising since many retail businesses depend on the fourth quarter to make them profitable for the entire year. Here is a short list of holiday decorating tasks to start thinking about right now:

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Why You Should be Thinking About Christmas in June

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The last quarter of the year is make-it or break-it for many small and medium-sized businesses. This is why retailers have to start thinking about Christmas during the summer. Christmas in July is the truth for retailers! Not for holiday sales, though they are coming earlier and earlier, but for planning the retail stores strategic plan for the holidays.

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