TideWater is a Proud Supporter of the Abbie DeLoach Foundation

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TideWater is proud to support of The Abbie DeLoach Foundation.  Abbie  was a beloved member of her community who was especially passionate about athletics, nursing, and mission work. The foundation recognizes her “hard-work, self-discipline, leadership, love and laughter.”  Award recipients are selected in terms of the extent they bear the qualities Abbie promoted in her life. 

This year marks the first Abbie DeLoach Foundation Scholarship Luncheon. The Luncheon took place on May 25. 

Remembering Abbie

Abbie’s father Jimmy remarked “Abbie was always very loyal and also concerned about others”. She always understood “to do the right thing” and did it. With the charity, Abbie’s family hopes for a legacy that will touch others as she would have in the spirit of “life and energy” both “financially and educationally.” She would be 23 today.

More About the Abbie DeLoach Foundation

The Abbie DeLoach Foundation is an organization that awards scholarships to students in honor of Abbie DeLoach, who died tragically in a car accident in 2015.  The charity is arranged by Abbie’s father, Jimmy, her sister, Anna, and her uncle, Eddie. The intent of the Foundation is to award scholarships and assist missions around the world.

The foundation will give  eight scholarships in 2017.  A book will also be created containing the names of every scholarship recipient.  It is called “The Good Works of Abbie DeLoach” and will be compiled every year.   Abbie’s charity will allot $30,000 a year for Compassion Christian over the following ten years. It is a substantive way of continuing her values of faith and hope. 

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