Aquatic Weed Control


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Gro-Masters is licensed to provide safe and effective aquatic weed control in Georgia and South Carolina.  Aquatic weed control requires specialized training. Poor management of unwanted vegetation in ditches and other bodies of water can lead to growth of unwanted pests or can inadvertently kill off protected fish and wildlife.  HOAs, commercial properties and homeowners in Savannah, Charleston and The Low Country trust Gro-Masters to keep aquatic environments clean, safe and beautiful.

Weed Control for Ponds and Other Bodies of Water in Georgia and South Carolina

Weed control for any gathering of water requires specific licensure.  Whether it’s a puddle in your backyard or a detention pond for your HOA, weed treatment for aquatic habitats require specialized training and state licensure.  Gro-Masters vegetation control experts have the training and licensure necessary to treat any body of water or private wetland area in The Coastal Empire or The Low Country.

How to Control Aquatic Weeds

Weed control in ponds and aquatic features is very different from other types of weed control.  For example, simply dying a pond a darker color blue can eliminate certain undesirable weeds and algae without having any effect on fish or other wildlife.  

On the other hand, many chemical treatments that would be effective on weeds on land will be totally ineffective in aquatic environments.  Some chemical treatments can even leave undesirable plants untouched and kill desirable plants fish and wildlife.

Gro-Masters aquatic weed control experts have the training necessary to choose the right treatment for every problem.  They are also licensed to use plant control products that consumers and even other lawn service professionals are not legally allowed to use.

Safe for Animals and Fish

We are committed to protecting the ecosystems in Georgia and South Carolina.  We only use products that are proven to be both effective and safe for the environment.  There are many ways to get rid of undesirable growth in ponds and water features. Our plant control experts are trained to know the right tool for every situation.  The right tool means that unwanted algaes and weeds are eliminated and all other plants and wildlife are protected.

Chemical Control of Aquatic Weeds

In The Low Country, something will grow anywhere water, dirt, and sunlight are found together.  Sometimes growth is desirable, and sometimes it is not. There are many ways to control what grows in ponds and aquatic habitats and there are chemicals which are both safe and effective.  Gro-Masters plant control experts are trained and licensed to know what chemical or other treatment is the right tool to effectively eliminate undesirable plants and algae and protect the environment.

"... your organization yielded tremendous results, reducing our overall mowing frequency lowering our overhead budget. Your team was extremely professional adhering to all safety roadside requirements and most importantly communicated very effectively between myself & your tech team.  I would like to personally commend your entire staff in your outstanding performance and would like to continue your services by extending our contract to you for the 2015 growing season. It is truly a pleasure interacting with you and your entire staff."


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